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Part I: The Mercenary Life

Prologue – Chapter 4


Written by DMAJohnson


Welcome! This is a fairly straight-forward walkthough for Path of Radiance that should point you in the right direction if you need some help. Because of the random nature of the game, and because different people have different play styles and character prefrences, it’s impossible to give a move-by-move strategy that will always work. Therefore, I can only suggest general strategies. It’s up to you to adapt these strategies to your units. Generally, if you’ve kept your characters leveled up, you should have no problems with this.

Please note that this walkthrough is written with easy and normal modes in mind. The general strategies should work in hard mode as well, but be aware that there are some key changes. I’ll try and note any major differences.

Finally, you’re welcome to critique this walkthrough and suggest additional hints, tips, and strategies. Just join us at the velt pvp forums and post in the Path of Radiance section.

Spoiler Alert



This walkthrough contains spoilers concerning the events in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance! It is intended to help you if you are stuck in the game. If you wish to play through by yourself, you should hit your browser’s back button now.

Prologue: Mercenaries



This mini-chapter exists for the sole purpose of introducing the characters and the game’s control style. If you die here, you probably did it on purpose to see what would happen.

You will gain control of Ike, and your first task will be to defeat Boyd in a practice battle. Just walk over to him and whack on him until he falls over. After this, Mist will run onto the field and hand you a vulnerary, and then you’ll end up facing Greil. Unless you feel like trying your luck, use the vulnerary before moving in to attack him.

Chapter 1: The Battle Begins


  • “Meatshield” with Titania
  • Advance slowly and keep an eye on your HP
  • Make sure that Ike is getting EXP

Finally, a real battle!

Note that you have a pre-promoted paladin unit, Titania. You may wish to use her, she starts out strong and is useful throughout the early part of the game when most of your other units are weak. On the other hand, she’s already a promoted unit and therefor has less levels to grow, and many of the other units pass her up stat-wise. It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t wish to use her then just unequip her and she won’t counterattack. She works good as a “meatshield” when you do this, meaning that the enemies will tend to attack her first instead of your weaker characters, and since she has a high defense stat and many hit points, she can take a lot of damage before you need to worry. Meanwhile, your weaker characters can pick off the enemy and get the experience points.

Your first goal is likely going to be to visit all the houses with doors open to recieve items. Don’t worry about the one in the top-right corner behind the fence. You can’t get to it, it’s scripted to burn on the enemy’s first turn. I suggest taking Titania to the nearest house on your first turn, and then rushing her over to the one on the far side of the map before the enemy can reach it.

The other three units should progress slowly. Make sure that Ike gets plenty of experience. If he dies, the game is over, so you want to toughen him up so that he won’t get one-hit KO’ed in later chapters. If any of your units have taken more than a few points of damage, have them use a vulnerary. Even though there aren’t many enemies here, your character (especially Ike) are fairly weak at this point, and getting charged by a couple of enemies when your hit points are down could lead to problems. If Ike is in trouble, you can have Titania rescue him, although things shouldn’t become so dire unless you become reckless.

Make sure you take out all the enemies before dealing with the boss. There’s no reason to pass up good experience, and you should always try to defeat as many enemies as possible before clearing a chapter. The boss gives a lot of experience to whoever defeat him, so choose who you want to against battle him and get to it.

Chapter 2: Rescue


  • Keep the enemy away from Rhys
  • Lure the enemy towards you instead of rushing them

This chapter looks much harder to those new to the series than it really is (unless, of course, you’re playing in hard mode in which case it does tend to be a bit tricky). Make sure you keep Rhys, your healer, in a place where the enemy can’t attack him when you end your turn. If you want him to be your primary healer for the game, or you want to level him up and promote him later in the game to use light magic, then make sure he heals someone every turn, even if they’re only down by one hit point. He’ll need the experience.

Titania will join you in a few turns, but for now, you’ve only got the four characters you start with. Have Oscar dispatch the swordman just above your party while the others work their way west. Again, make sure Rhys is in a safe position before ending your turn. Most of the enemies here will stand in their initial positions like idiots until you move into their personal range, in which case they’ll move towards you and attack you. Use this to your advantage and pick them off one-by-one. The boss will move towards you as well when you move into his range, so you can use this strategy for him too.

Chapter 3: Pirates Aground


  • Keep the pirates busy so that they won’t all rush Marcia
  • For max EXP, defeat all the pirates before killing off the boss

Some landlubbing pirates have moved into this town and made themselves at home, so it’s time to beat a little pirate booty. Gatrie, the knight, will likely spearhead your advance here. Though slow, his defense stat is way up there, so you can charge him into battle with little worries. Have Titania visit the house to the right while the others advance. You shouldn’t need to worry about Ike too much at this point, and Shinon, your sniper, can take quite a beating as well, but make sure the enemy doesn’t have a chance to swamp either one of them when the enemy’s turn.

A nuetral pegasus knight, Marcia, will eventually show up on the pirate ship. Unless you’re in hard mode, she can take care of herself so long as you keep the enemies in town occupied. Although you can’t recuit her in this chapter, she’ll join you later in the game if you have Ike talk to her. Once you’ve boarded the ship, lure the remaining pirates out and pick them off. Try to defeat the boss last so you won’t waste the experience points that you can get from the other pirates.

Chapter 4: Roadside Battle


  • If you want to use Soren, make sure he gets plenty of kills
  • Meatshielding with Titania works well here
  • If Soren or Rhys are in trouble, rescue them with Titania or Gatrie
  • Don’t rush the boss and all his subordinates at the same time

This is the first truly difficult battle in the game. You’ve got two units, Rhys, and the mage Soren, that you need to keep an eye on. It won’t take the enemy long to pick them off if you give them the chance, and they will target them if you’re not careful. Since the battlefield is pretty barren, there’s not a lot of obstacles you can hold up behind, so focus on keeping Soren and Rhys out of the enemy range. Shinon should be okay, but you may want to keep an eye on him since enemies enjoy attacking units that can’t counterattack. Meatshielding with Titania is a useful tactic here.

At first, don’t worry about advancing. Try to move the party either to the north where they can take advantage of trees to cut off enemy advaces, or hold up in the south-eastern corner. I suggest heading north because it gives you a wider range of options and I dislike having my characters bottled up in a corner. If you want to use Soren, you need to make sure he starts getting kills so that he’ll get plenty of EXP.

Once the initial wave of enemies dies off, the rest of them will wait in place for you to move into their range. Pick them off one or two at a time, giving the experience to characters you want to level up. The boss will advance if you come into his range, and he can attack two spaces away using a javalin, so be careful. As usual, avoid taking him out until you’ve killed off everyone else.