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Items Chart

Name Price Uses Description
Afa’s Drops 1 Increases stat growth rate for the character you use it on. (Once you beat the game, you can look at your score in the “extras” menu, and the character you gave the drops to will comment on your rating.)
Angelic Robe 8,000 1 Permanently raises max HP by 7.
Antitoxin 450 3 Cures poison.
Blue Gem Sells for 5,000G.
Body Ring 8,000 1 Permanently raises constitution by 2.
Boots 8,000 1 Permanently raises movement by 2.
Chest Key 300 1 or 5 Opens chests.
Delphi Shield 10,000 Nullifies the bonus that archers get against the flying unit holding it.
Door Key 50 1 Opens doors.
Dragon Shield 8,000 1 Permanently rasises defense by 2.
Earth Seal 20,000 1 Promotes anyone level 10 or above except for thieves, pirates, and lords.
Elixer 3,000 3 Heals all HP.
Elysian Whip 10,000 1 Promots pegasus knights and dragon knights who are level 10 or above.
Emblem Seal
Energy Ring 8,000 1 Permanently raises strength or magic by 2.
Fell Contract 50,000 1 Promotes thieves who are level 10 or above.
Flametongue Allows the Fire Dragon to attack. Has a range of 1-3 spaces, and adds +10 to strength, accuracy, defense, and magic defense. Ignores the defense of the character it attack; always does 37 points of damage! (39 points of damage in Hector’s Hard Mode)
Goddess Icon 8,000 1 Permanently raises luck by 2.
Gold When taken from an enemy, a set amount of gold will be added to your funds immediantly.
Guiding Ring 10,000 1 Promotes clerics, monks, mages, shaman, and troubadours who are level 10 or above.
Heaven Seal 20,000 1 Promotes lords who are level 10 or above. Your primary lord cannot use it.
Hero’s Crest 10,000 1 Promotes mercenaries, myrmidons, and fighters who are level 10 or above.
Iron Rune 5,000 Prevents critical hits against the unit holding it.
Knight Crest 10,000 1 Promotes cavaliers and knights who are level 10 or above.
Light Rune 800 1 Can be planted on a map tile. No units may enter the tile where it has been set.
Lockpick 1,200 15 Thieves only. Can open chests or doors. Unusable by assasians.
Member’s Card 6,000 Allows access to secret shops to the unit holding it.
Mine 500 1 Can be planted on a map tile. The first unit to cross that map tile will take damage.
Ocean Seal 50,000 1 Promotes pirates who are level 10 or above.
Orion’s Bolt 10,000 1 Promotes archers and nomads who are level 10 or above.
Pure Water 900 3 +7 to Magic Defense. Effects wear down each turn.
Red Gem Sells for 2,500G.
Secret Book 8,000 1 Permanently raises skill by 2.
Silver Card 4,000 Halves the prices of goods in shops for the unit holding it. Japanese version only. (?)
Speedwings 8,000 1 Permanently raises speed by 2.
Talisman 8,000 1 Permanently raises magic defense by 2.
Torch 500 5 Allows user to see an extra 7 map tiles into fog. Effect wears down by 1 tile each turn.
Vulnerary 300 3 Heals 10 HP.
White Gem Sells for 10,000G.