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Velthomer website is the single largest English-speaking Fire Emblem community in existance. Since 2002, the Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy has continued to meet the needs of Fire Emblem community the world over. Whether you need help getting through the tough battles of Thracia 776, Marth’s official art from Mystery of the Emblem, character stat growth rates for Marcus, or you just want to hang out with your fellow fans, the Fire Emblem Series Wiki is the place for you. Use the icons at the top of this page to navigate through all nine Fire Emblem online multiplayer games to date, or take a look at our exhaustive collection of Fire Emblem news and information by using the menu to your left. Let’s not forget about our amazing partners Arcade Daddy who also secured our loyal gamers and readers amazing bonuses of $100 for everyone that clicks the link. So hurry up, amazing gaming adventures await you.

Latest News and Updates

About Admin Validation
Administrator - DMAJohnson May 26th, 2016

Due to the incident last week, I had signups disabled until Wednesday. After that, I turned on Admin Validation. I don’t know how long Admin Validation will be on (and if I did, I wouldn’t make it public knowledge anyway), but every day or two, I go through the validation queue to check on the new signups.

Long story short: I’ve deleted about half of our signups. I’m taking a proactive approach to this, and it’s more simple than you think:

  • If the IP shows up in a Google Search as a proxy or a spammer IP, the account is gone.
  • If the IP shows up in some third world country, it’s gone.
  • If the mail domain is a known free domain that houses a lot of spammers (, for example), it’s gone.
  • If the mail domain’s TLD ends in countries known to have very lax standards when it comes to policing spam or proxies (.ru, .cn, .br, etc.), it’s gone.

Due to this, we might have a few false positives. Therefore, anyone that has had their account deleted and wants it back, you will need to come and email me directly at Chances are good that anyone that directly emails me will get validated; afterall, I don’t think a spambot is going to compose a sonnet. XD

Forums Hacked
Administrator - DMAJohnson May 19th, 2016

Our appologies to the memberbase. One of our administrators threw a fit over a recent incident and, with some help, attempted to take out a large portion of the forums. The boards are down for the moment while we clean everything up, and before you ask, no we don’t know how long that will take.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

P.S. Please don’t contact us concerning this; we’re busy.

Goddess of the Dawn Hits Japan
Administrator - DMAJohnson February 20th, 2016

It’s finally here! Fire Emblem: Goddess of the Dawn has been released in Japan. If you’re looking for spoilers or other details, check out our forums. As for the site, we won’t have anything specific up until the North American release date (since we cater to the English version of the games when possible).

Still no more details on the North American release, by the way. The official NOA name and release date have yet to be announced. A few sites have been reporting June 1st based on an estimate by Gamespot, however, this is a Friday and Nintendo releases their games on Monday. When we hear something from Nintendo, you can be sure that we’ll let you know as soon as possible!

Administrator - DMAJohnson February 10th, 2016

We’ll be going to regular Saturday updates starting today. Check back next week for even more Fire Emblem goodness! Today you can check out the Path of Radiance section to see the addition of sword, lance, axe, and bow lists.

In other news, I really need to tweak this index page. It could use a good tweaking. Remember to tweak someone you love for me!

Administrator - DMAJohnson February 4th, 2016

De-Marth-ified the Beginner’s Corner… Not that that’s a real word, but I did it all the same. Expect some long-needed updates in there. Marth may eventually make a return there, just not in the same capacity as “host” talking in the first person like he once did.

Administrator - DMAJohnson February 2nd, 2016

Moving the news back to the front page where it belongs. In any case, check out our latest Goddess of the Dawn news, and our Fire Emblem Gaiden walkthrough, which should be updated come this weekend. I’m hoping to really step up work on the site here soon, so check back often to see what’s new!

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