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Velthomer website was part of E3 “Media Briefing” this year, Nintendo showed off a short clip of the next Fire Emblem online multiplayer, set to be released for the Nintendo Wii. Not release date yet. Details can be found on our forums. And that is not all. They are also releasing a slot game based on Fire Emblem world which will have unique gameplay and bonus options. It will be available in online casinos for real money and free play. The Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy has always been on the forefront of the English Fire Emblem fan community, and our website continues to uphold that tradition. We’ve always been more than just a simple list of game statistics, and to continue that trend, FESS is announcing several new features that will become availible in the near future.

  • Within the next two weeks, The Sacred Stones section will officially open and begin having content added to it, much like is now happening to the Path of Radiance section.
  • In its continuing effort to keep the general fan community involved, the Path of Radiance section will soon see an exciting new feature concerning a central plot point. The key to this feature is fan interaction, and to complete it, we need your help! Check out the Official Thread (Includes Spoilers) for details.
  • Finally, in the coming week’s we’ll open an entirely new wing of the site: The Beginner’s Guide. This section of the site will, as the name suggests, be targeted at newcomers to the series and go over a short history of the games, as well as simple strategy hints and tips to get them started. We believe this feature will be the perfect way to introduce people to Fire Emblem, and will eventually become THE definitive resource for Fire Emblem newbies.

As our community continues to change and grow, we welcome everyone to continue taking part in our discussions on the official FESS forums. FESS can only become as much as its members make it to be, and we think you’re doing a pretty good job!

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