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Beginner’s Corner

Beginner’s Corner

Whether you’re new to Fire Emblem Community, or just want to find out more about tactics so that you’ll get better at the game, you will find a lot to learn here that will help you out. If you have never ever played Fire Emblem online multiplayer before, you should get started by reading the introductory Fire Emblem 101 article. It will introduce you to the series, tell you a little bit about the gameplay, as well as give you a brief history of the games. But that’s only a start. There are many more resources here that you can enjoy, and we’re always working on more! Here is a list of the articles and features for this section. Help yourself!

Fire Emblem 101
An introduction to the Fire Emblem games for people who are new to the series, or haven’t even played the games at all.
The History of Fire Emblem
(Coming Soon!)
Questions and Answers
Have a question about the series? This is an excellent place to start.

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