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In 2002, Captamzai and Terranigma Freak decided to create a message board for themselves and their friends from GameFAQs. The old board – nothing more than a tiny spot on Proboards – brought in the members that would become the founding fathers of the fandom; members like TogeKid, Satoshi, Juigi Kario and Eaichu all came along, and along with later members like Summerwolf, CheekyChiki and Bardiche, made fire emblem community a nice home for fans of the series, which was then limited to the Japanese-only games.

In late 2003, the first Fire Emblem game came over to US shores, and the fandom started to grow with people just coming into the series. As the fandom grew, naturally, the memberbase of FESS grew with it, and with it, came many prominent members, many of whom are current leaders on the site, and in the fandom.

On April 23 2004, the complaints of many FESSers about the limitations of Proboards became too much to bear; the frequent “TOO MANY CONNECTIONS” messages, which would erase long-typed posts, among other issues. Eaichu took it upon himself, with Terranigma Freak’s permission, to move FESS to its new home on Invisionfree; it was the best move ever made in the history of FESS, as the membership started to grow to the point where the staff had to grow as a result. At this time, Eaichu added Superbus to the administration, and the staff was revamped as a result.

Today, the Fire Emblem: Sanctuary of Strategy is the largest English speaking Fire Emblem community on the internet. With a memberbase fast approaching 3,000 and the most influental members in the fandom on the staff, and countless other contributors, FESS is not resting on its past laurels, and looks to the future. Since the birth of FESS, three English Fire Emblem games have been released, and FESS has been at the forefront of information release for each of the three games, even beating Nintendo of America itself in some cases! We look to continue our standing in the fandom, as well as the video game universe in general. We thank the near-3,000 members of our site that have come together to make this possible, as you all motivate us to stay the best.

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