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You asked us massively through the idea box, following a suggestion from readers of, here is a file dedicated to this great fresco of the Japanese tactical role-playing that constitutes the Fire Emblem online multiplayer. Developed by studio Intelligent Systems, also known for its Mario RPG versions as well as for the Advance Wars, The Fire Emblem series wiki is still too little known in our country even though it has already celebrated its twentieth anniversary in Japan. It must be said that the fire emblem online multiplayer only began to Westernize after the seventh installment, released on GBA in 2004 in our country, and that even the most recent episodes are not guaranteed to be published systematically in Europe, as was the case of the second opus on DS. The Fire Emblem series even reached certain European casinos, including popular slots and online poker sites with themed chips. At you can meet them and get your first no deposit poker bonus code. Let us return without further delay to the history and evolution of this epic fire emblem tactics online that has tested our talents as a strategist for many years.

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Velthomer website is the single largest English-speaking Fire Emblem community in existance. Since 2002, the Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy has continued to meet the needs of Fire Emblem community the world over. Whether you need help getting through the tough battles of Thracia 776, Marth's official art from Mystery of the Emblem, character stat growth rates for Marcus, or you just want to hang out with your fellow fans, the Fire Emblem Series Wiki is the place for you. Use the icons at the top of this page to navigate through all nine Fire Emblem online multiplayer games to ...


Velthomer website was part of E3 "Media Briefing" this year, Nintendo showed off a short clip of the next Fire Emblem online multiplayer, set to be released for the Nintendo Wii. Not release date yet. Details can be found on our forums. And that is not all. They are also releasing a slot game based on Fire Emblem world which will have unique gameplay and bonus options. It will be available in online casinos for real money and free play. The Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy has always been on the forefront of the English Fire Emblem fan community, and ...

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Whether you're new to Fire Emblem Community, or just want to find out more about tactics so that you'll get better at the game, you will find a lot to learn here that will help you out. If you have never ever played Fire Emblem online multiplayer before, you should get started by reading the introductory Fire Emblem 101 article. It will introduce you to the series, tell you a little bit about the gameplay, as well as give you a brief history of the games. But that's only a start. There are many more resources here that you can ...

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The sitting root administrator of with final say on all site and forum matters. Started out as a lurker in the old Proboards days of FESS. After becoming an actual forum member some years after first coming to the site, he was immediantly embraced by both newcomers and veterans alike, eventually becoming moderator of velthomer website, and after taking up the challenge of designing the site, administrator. DMAJohnson lives in Baytown, TX, and has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Animation Art and Design. Jet Enduro Jet Enduro joined back in Febuary of 2004. He was a bit ...