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Welcome, Tacticians

We are the single largest English-speaking Fire Emblem fan community in existance. Since 2002, the Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy has continued to meet the needs of Fire Emblem fans the world over. Whether you need help getting through the tough battles of Thracia 776, Marth’s official art from Mystery of the Emblem, character stat growth rates for Marcus, or you just want to hang out with your fellow fans, the Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy is the place for you.

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Welcome Tacticians

“For some people, this would be the most gut-wrenching wall of text they had ever had to type up. For me, it’s just another post.”

-DMAJohnson, on his retirement

Welcome Tacticians

Latest News and Updates

About Admin Validation
Administrator - DMAJohnson May 26th, 2016


Due to the incident last week, I had signups disabled until Wednesday. After that, I turned on Admin Validation. I don’t know how long Admin Validation will be on (and if I did, I wouldn’t make it public knowledge anyway), but every day or two, I go through the validation queue to check on the new signups.

Long story short: I’ve deleted about half of our signups. I’m taking a proactive approach to this, and it’s more simple than you think:

  • If the IP shows up in a Google Search as a proxy or a spammer IP, the account is gone.
  • If the IP shows up in some third world country, it’s gone.
  • If the mail domain is a known free domain that houses a lot of spammers (xmail.com, for example), it’s gone.
  • If the mail domain’s TLD ends in countries known to have very lax standards when it comes to policing spam or proxies (.ru, .cn, .br, etc.), it’s gone.

Due to this, we might have a few false positives. Therefore, anyone that has had their account deleted and wants it back, you will need to come and email me directly at superbus@superbusnet.com. Chances are good that anyone that directly emails me will get validated; afterall, I don’t think a spambot is going to compose a sonnet. XD

Forums Hacked
Administrator - DMAJohnson May 19th, 2016


Our appologies to the memberbase. One of our administrators threw a fit over a recent incident and, with some help, attempted to take out a large portion of the forums. The boards are down for the moment while we clean everything up, and before you ask, no we don’t know how long that will take.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

P.S. Please don’t contact us concerning this; we’re busy.

Goddess of the Dawn Hits Japan
Administrator - DMAJohnson February 20th, 2016


It’s finally here! Fire Emblem: Goddess of the Dawn has been released in Japan. If you’re looking for spoilers or other details, check out our forums. As for the site, we won’t have anything specific up until the North American release date (since we cater to the English version of the games when possible).

Still no more details on the North American release, by the way. The official NOA name and release date have yet to be announced. A few sites have been reporting June 1st based on an estimate by Gamespot, however, this is a Friday and Nintendo releases their games on Monday. When we hear something from Nintendo, you can be sure that we’ll let you know as soon as possible!

Administrator - DMAJohnson February 10th, 2016


We’ll be going to regular Saturday updates starting today. Check back next week for even more Fire Emblem goodness! Today you can check out the Path of Radiance section to see the addition of sword, lance, axe, and bow lists.

In other news, I really need to tweak this index page. It could use a good tweaking. Remember to tweak someone you love for me!

Administrator - DMAJohnson February 4th, 2016


De-Marth-ified the Beginner’s Corner… Not that that’s a real word, but I did it all the same. Expect some long-needed updates in there. Marth may eventually make a return there, just not in the same capacity as “host” talking in the first person like he once did.

Administrator - DMAJohnson February 2nd, 2016


Moving the news back to the front page where it belongs. In any case, check out our latest Goddess of the Dawn news, and our Fire Emblem Gaiden walkthrough, which should be updated come this weekend. I’m hoping to really step up work on the site here soon, so check back often to see what’s new!


Administrator - DMAJohnson May 9, 2006


At their E3 “Media Briefing” this year, Nintendo showed off a short clip of the next Fire Emblem game, set to be released for the Nintendo Wii. Not release date yet. Details can be found on our forums.


Administrator - DMAJohnson Janurary 16, 2006


The Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy has always been on the forefront of the English Fire Emblem fan community, and our website continues to uphold that tradition. We’ve always been more than just a simple list of game statistics, and to continue that trend, FESS is announcing several new features that will become availible in the near future:

  • Within the next two weeks, The Sacred Stones section will officially open and begin having content added to it, much like is now happening to the Path of Radiance section.


  • In its continuing effort to keep the general fan community involved, the Path of Radiance section will soon see an exciting new feature concerning a central plot point. The key to this feature is fan interaction, and to complete it, we need your help! Check out the Official Thread (Includes Spoilers) for details.


  • Finally, in the coming week’s we’ll open an entirely new wing of the site: The Beginner’s Guide. This section of the site will, as the name suggests, be targeted at newcomers to the series and go over a short history of the games, as well as simple strategy hints and tips to get them started. We believe this feature will be the perfect way to introduce people to Fire Emblem, and will eventually become THE definitive resource for Fire Emblem newbies.


As our community continues to change and grow, we welcome everyone to continue taking part in our discussions on the official FESS forums. FESS can only become as much as its members make it to be, and we think you’re doing a pretty good job!

Beginner’s Corner

Fire Emblem for Newbies

Whether you’re new to Fire Emblem, or just want to find out more about tactics so that you’ll get better at the game, you will find a lot to learn here that will help you out. If you have never ever played Fire Emblem before, you should get started by reading the introductory Fire Emblem 101 article. It will introduce you to the series, tell you a little bit about the gameplay, as well as give you a brief history of the games.

But that’s only a start. There are many more resources here that you can enjoy, and we’re always working on more! Here is a list of the articles and features for this section. Help yourself!

Fire Emblem 101
An introduction to the Fire Emblem games for people who are new to the series, or haven’t even played the games at all.
The History of Fire Emblem
(Coming Soon!)
Questions and Answers
Have a question about the series? This is an excellent place to start.



The sitting root administrator of FESS with final say on all site and forum matters. Started out as a lurker in the old Proboards days of FESS. After becoming an actual forum member some years after first coming to the site, he was immediantly embraced by both newcomers and veterans alike, eventually becoming a FESS moderator, and after taking up the challenge of designing the site, administrator. DMAJohnson lives in Baytown, TX, and has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Animation Art and Design.


 Jet Enduro
Jet Enduro joined back in Febuary of 2004. He was a bit of a goofball when posting, and generally well liked by the majority of FESS members. He became a veteran a few months after joining, then eventually promoted to moderator, then a short time after, through some events, an administrator. Currently residing in Anaheim, California, working to become a computer technician. He enjoys reading, watching anime, and playing video games of various kinds.


Sword Saint
Sword Saint originally followed the link to the FESS in order to seek out some Fire Emblem sprites, but quickly became a frequent posting member. He was eventually made into a FESS veteran, then a moderator, and finally an administrator. As a frequent poster and a regular in the FESS chatroom, Sword Saint is easily enough gotten ahold of, when needed. Sword Saint is a Michigan native and currently a student.


One of the older members of FESS, dating back to the time of Proboards, it didn’t take long before he became a respected member and became a frequent poster. With his main interest lying in Genealogy of the Holy War, the Fire Emblem 4 board is his top priority, but the other boards don’t go unmoderated by him either. Togieduo is currently seventeen years old, residing in the Netherlands. He enjoys having fun with his friends and he’s always in for a good joke.


In early 2004, ZephyrShakuraus (or just Zephyr) was looking for Fire Emblem information, after tiring of other forums that offered no help. After dicovering FESS in a simple google search, he joined mere weeks before the board’s first move. He was a member prone to fits of posting, occasionally vanishing for long periods of time. After the release of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones he ceased his absences and eventually climbed through the ranks to Veteran, Moderator and finally to Admin after a few months. He is studying to obtain his Honours Bachelor of Arts in English at Wilfrid Laurier University and is currently a resident of a small town in Ontario no one has ever heard of.



ArmorDragon came to FESS thanks to some information he read about a game he was playing.  That game was Genealogy of the Holy War.  He stumbled upon Sigurd’s Pants and Mamkute from 10,000 Fathoms and eventually found a link to a forum.  After lurking there for awhile, he finally deciding to post his thoughts on a game he was addicted on at the time; Ragnarok Online. ArmorDragon was born in the Dominican Republicand is a Computer Science Major who currently resides in Loudonville, New York where he attends college.


CO Raptor
CO Raptor first came across the old Proboards FESS looking for a place to show off his custom Blazing Sworld animations, but quickly grew to like the forums and its community. CO Raptor lives in the Netherlands, and has just begun studying Architecture. Lately, rumors have been floating around, claiming CO Raptor to be a vampire, the ghost of Colonel Sanders, or even a dancing robot monkey ninja.


GTF joined in mid-September of 2004. Initially quiet and reserved, he gained a reputation for himself with verbose yet complex posts. In March of 2006 he was promoted to General from FESSer. A Florida resident with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, he’s currently seeking entrance into law school.


Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon began as a lurker back in the time of Proboards, signing up only shortly before the move to InvisionFree. After picking up the art of spriting during his lurker days, he has become one of the top authorities on spriting, as well as being one of the few remaining FESS spriters from the early days of InvisionFree. Ice Dragon is currently in high school, with sights set on mathematics and the sciences. He lives in the Chicago area and spends most of his time holed up at home and acting antisocial. He insists that he owns the copyright to the word ‘indeed’.


Lord Glenn
Lord Glenn joined FESS in May of 2005, after searching for information on the only existing Fire Emblem game in America at the time, Blazing Sword. While lurking, he noticed several images that people had that he would later learn were reffered to as “sprites.” Lord Glenn lives in Western Pennsylvania somewhat near Pittsburgh. He is currently planning on going to college to major in Computer Science.




A Rhombus should not be confused with a Superbus. They are simply not the same thing.




Twilkitri joined old FESS near the start of apostrophe oh three. He was soon bumped up the ranks to veteran and eventually moderator for no readily apparent reason. He is often mistaken for deserving more respect than he actually does. Twilkitri also does not know the meaning of the word ‘priority’. It is a known fact that he can’t write good descriptions of himself.


Willfor is a man of few words. He joined FESS in August of 2005, and did very little of note. He soon joined the IRC chat, where he became a regular. After a few months of being a chatroom regular, he was promoted to a partial operator and then full operator. Finally, he was eventually promoted all the way to moderator. Willfor is a native of New Brunswick, Canada, and currently lives outside of it’s capital city, Fredericton.

Black Dragon





Eaichu was one of the first members of FESS. One of the longest contributing members to the Fire Emblem community, having submitted guides to GameFAQs and participating in discussion before FESS became the best source of English information, Eaichu now maintains his own website (the English Fire Emblem Documentary), but also tries to lend his hand to the official FESS website whenever needed. He currently resides in New Jersey.


Former root administrator of the Fire Emblem: Sanctuary of Strategy forums and a certified expert in network and computer security, Superbus has made his name known throughout the entire community for his work in getting to the bottom of the biggest problems known. He also occasionally provides content to the FESS main site. Superbus is in the process of relocating to Western Canada, either to Calgary or Vancouver. He is a four year veteran of the United States Navy, and saw time in the Persian Gulf during the Iraq War.


Terranigma Freak
One of the original founders of FESS, best known for his website Sigurd’s Pants which provided unparalleled access to information on Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War in its time. Terranigma Freak has since distanced himself from the site in order to focus on his career.